Monday, December 11, 2006

Spectacular (but problematical) panorama over Antibes

Message added Wed 13th December: if you have come to this post via your Technorati feed, or similar, please click on this link.

There were problems with the first two photographs. The only way I could see to resolve the problem was to create a new post and upload the pictures a second time. So far, fingers crossed, things seem OK with the Mark 2 version above.

I have not deleted the original post, since it has some Comments.

Dec 16th. I am now deleting the redundant original post, except for comments.


Louise said...

Anon probably just put your name and Antibes on 'les Pages Blanches' and your address and phone number appeared, unless you are on 'la liste rouge'.

PS Your first photo didn't appear on my laptop

ColinB said...

In fact the first two photographs have disappeared off my post now, Louise. The first was a Victorian-era B/W photograph from Garoupe, photographed from Nice Matin, and the second taken just yesterday, with my own camera, both in jpg format. So there are no obvious explanations: Blogger is just playing up, as it has been in all kinds of different ways today. Eg when I type in fast, the text inserts halfway up the page !

Anonymous comes across as a sad, sad individual ! Now who could that be, one wonders ?

Louise said...

Well, Colin, if anon didn't find you through the 'phone directory, he must live in Antibes and is shadowing you!

ColinB said...

Comments from" Anonymous" have been deleted, and there is a block on anonymous comments till further notice.

Louise's comments make clear there ehas been a breach of blogging etiquette.

angela said...

Now all this talk about anon's comments has made me curious!
Beta: no, I couldn't see two photos either but am having my own beta crisis with non beta comments not registering. I would change but I haven't yet found a site that does a template I like as much as Minima.
Thanks for the info on the white space.
Your article was very informative and I love the 50 best views website. Nice to see Rhosili featured but, like you, I didn't think much of the photo they decided to include.
One last thing: what do you know about the memorial plaque on the ramparts outside the old town? H. has researched the Atlantique but has reached a dead end...
And really finally I like the pop up comment box because it means I can refer back to the original post while writing. Got no short term memory.