Monday, March 19, 2007

Blowing the whistle on an internet troll

This was supposed to be inserted as an update on the previous post, but Blogger is playing up, preventing me from inserting new text, and throwing up error codes that make no sense.

So I'm having to create a new post, which is not a bad thing, on reflection. It provides an opportunity to compose a fitting headline that sums up my present predicament concerning the individual who posts under the nom-de-plume "Richard of Orléans".

The fact that he and I have had dealings and issues for nigh on a year does not diminish the seriousness of this man's disturbing behaviour. If anything it makes it worse, especially as he and his ilk are the reason for my having to abandon personal blogging, and batten down the hatches right now ( ie removing the Comments facility).

So I composed a reponse, published here yesterday, illustrating an instance of R of O in unmistakeable trolling mode, albeit a mere 3.5 on the relevant Richter scale, but compounded in this case by a worrying element of stalking.

The comment was published this morning in its entirety, I'm glad to say. Here's the link. My critique, if one call it such, is currently the last (No.16) on the thread.

There's a lot more I could say, but I shall leave it at that for now.

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