Tuesday, August 07, 2007

British building-site look conquers the USA


The above picture is one I have just this minute spotted - and now filched - from Toby Harnden's Telegraph blog. Maybe I'm still suffering from last night's tumble (about which more later), but I had intended the following as a caption:
"Has no one told the lady that it's vertical stripes for the fuller figure."
But in the course of copying and pasting the picture, I spotted it had been given a simple filename - "bum" - and then took a closer look.
Unobservant me: the title of Toby's post is : "Ifs and butts on the campaign trail". That's the US presidential campaign, btw. Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

Hi Colin.

When I emailed the pic to the paper I called it "buildersbum.jpg".

Shows there's always somewhere to park your bike in Iowa.



ColinB said...

Tut, tut - and you an Oxford man an'll Toby. But then what can you expect from someone who hangs out with the likes of a certain Rhodes scholar ... ?


ColinB said...

Not the most apposite link there - the one I had in mind was: