Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why I blame the Tardis police box for a lost youth


Yes, that's right, dismantle it, demolish it. Tell those conservationists or Dr. Who fans to go hang. I'm surprised that any of these pernicious objects still exist on our streets. If they do, then get rid of them, now.

I've explained why in a submission to today's "Your View" in the Telegraph,:

"...time can be warped by the gravitational pull of objects..."

Don't talk to me about time warps. They were commonplace in West London suburbia back in the 1960s.

Each Sunday I would rise at 11am, get dressed, and then find myself drawn by an irresistible force towards The Rising Sun. All my mates were there too, equally helpless to resist The Force.

Now here's the odd thing: we'd re-emerge an hour later, give or take, but on getting home find it was mid-afternoon, with parents furious that we'd failed to show up for Sunday dinner.

Of course, there were still a few of those old-fashioned blue police telephone boxes around, even if rarely used.

I reckon it was they that were warping the local space-time continuum, robbing me and my mates of much of our leisure time as young adults.


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