Thursday, April 05, 2007

Riviera sunshine

Updated 5th April, 23:10 (scroll down to blue font)

That's my eldest, G, you see in the picture. He's the wrong side of 30 (just), but keeps fit with his football, running etc. He's making a flying visit, and today we took the train round to a stretch of Esterel coastline between Cannes and St.Raphael - Le Trayas to be precise, where those of us who have done our homework, and scouting, know you can get off the train and be onto Esterel footpaths within seconds. I kid thee not. The SNCF track has been blasted out of the red porphry rock close to the coast, and this has to be one of the great hopping off points of the world. The Esterel bursts with new spring growth right now, and this is the time to see it, before it becomes a huge tinderbox in the summer.

Look at the picture closely, and you can see the track curving round to the station. Magical day - until getting home and reading Shane Richmond's spoof on Telly bloggers. The Iranian context had me fooled for 15 minutes or so, but too late to block my hasty first response, to the effect that someone had stitched up me and the others in our little dysfunctional family.

I'll probably see the funny side in a week or two. Right now, I'm feeling a bit down.

Update; 23:10 email from Louise:

Lots of us fell for it, Colin - hope it doesn't take you two weeks to get over it.