Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Robin completes London Marathon

That's the middle of my three "children", Robin, you see in the picture (taken from the Marathonfoto website - hope they don't mind me showing it here).
Robin successfully completed Sunday's London(Flora) Marathon on Sunday under testing conditions of heat and humidity - apparently the worst in the history of the event.
Anyway, here's what he said of the experience in his, er, round -robin email to everyone who sponsored him, Mum and Dad included.
"Dear all

Well it's all over at least! I got home in 4:41:32 and boy did it really, really hurt!

Thanks to you all for your advice, encouragement and sponsorship and support - it meant an awful lot

Lets get the negatives out of the way first! I went into the marathon with 3 main aims, other than to raise money for Cancer Research UK:

1. Run the whole way
2. Get a time that I would be proud of
3. Most importantly, enjoy it!

Sadly, on this occasion I failed on 3 counts! It may have something to do with my Scottish genes but I do not like the heat! I spent the last week telling myself that the weather need not make any difference. As they say, "talk is cheap"! The warm conditions made it more difficult for all the runners, particularly those hardy souls in fancy dress.

I had trained and prepared well, and stood on the start line (or more accurately half a mile behind it!) in good spirits. I knew by Mile 8 that all was not well and I was in for a long day. I ditched all pre-race plans about times etc and just tried to get into a rhythm. Just after Mile 16 my legs became very, very heavy and it was just a case of hanging on for a mile at a time. I managed that until just after 24 miles when I started to get blurred vision and feel dizzy, and was forced to slow to a walk. Although it was extremely frustrating to stop runnng just 2 miles from the end, I honestly do not think I would have finished if I had carried on. And so I walked and slow jogged for a mile and half before mustering an awkward trot to the finish line, and a well-earned rest. I managed some lunch with friends who had come out to cheer me on, and I apologise to everyone whose cries of encouragement were completely ignored - I was simply in a world of my own!

I am also very sorry that I didn't finish the pint of lager that I had been dreaming of - shameful!

I can safely say that yesterday's run was the most painful thing I have done.

Did I enjoy it? I was about 50 minutes slower than I was reasonably hoping for which disappoints me, I don't remember running past some of the main sights of London, my big toes poked holes through both trainers, and I've got sunburn! But yes, on balance, it was great to be involved in a fantastic spectacle, and I am certain I will be running again.

Thanks to everyone involved: the marshalls, the volunteers on the drinks stands, and even the concerned old lady who thought that I had expired in the middle of Whitehall. But most of all thanks to everyone for your support! We have raised c. £1,300 for a very worthy cause which is a great effort.


PS You've just reminded me what my 4th unofficial aim was.... to remember to smile at the camera when I ran past - I failed on that count as well ! "
Well done, son, we're proud of you !
Update: email from Jackie on either:
"Hi Colin, just wanted to pass on many congratulations and a well deserved pat on the back to your son! What a fantastic thing to do and all for charity too.

Jackie xx

I am popping in from time to time but I am knee deep in a Charity Ball I help to organise each year so have not had the time. Hope you and yours are well!"
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