Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bird's eye view of the Marina (Baie des Anges) and Cagnes Hippodrome

This is by way of a holding post, pending something more substantial - and, dare I say - mildly controversial . Expect something later in the day. These two pictures are aerial views from the Berry photo-archive of the two places mentioned in the previous post. The first is the Marina Baie des Anges, with the Cagnes Hippodrome race course just hoving into view behind the nearer of the two wing nacelles .
That's a life-time first for me - to write nacelles.
I think it's the right word. Ought to check really. But it seemed better than "thingy".
Thingy is a girly word - usually a euphemism of first resort. *********************************************Click to enlarge (oops)

The second, taken a few moments later, is

the race course itself , venue for the food fair
Bit of space here that needs filling up. No, none of this is double entendre, I assure you. What do you take me for ?
Because of the way it's designed, lamellar (leaf-like) , is that the correct term ? - everyone with an apartment in the Cagnes ziggurat gets a sea view. The apartments are all traversant, as they say in estate agent speak, so one gets a view in both directions. One also benefits from breezes coming from the interior (mistral or tramontaine ) or off the sea (called ?), an important consideration in this part of the world.

Geeks corner. Nothing is where it should be. The text is reduced to a skinny trail down the side of the pictures, and the captions are separated from the pictures. Why ? Because in draft mode, one gets a full width page, but when one hits the Publish key it belatedly inserts "About Me" details, squeezing everything else to fit. I have checked the three other Blogger users I look at regularly (Sarah, Angela, Colin R. ) Like me, they all have "About Me" shown prominently, so it's not pure narcissism on my part to have it where it is: it help to break up the page and create interest. But it's time Blogger's draft page knew what the other hand was doing, and delivered on its claimed wysiwyg user-friendliness.

Calm down dear

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