Friday, November 03, 2006

Technorati registration only

This is simply to activate Technorati.
Technorati Profile

ed 11pm 4 Nov : it took me a while to realise that simply registering would not put the Technorati label up on the blog. That requires copying and pasting some HTML code into one's Template. Shame that Blogger does not indicate where it goes, so it's a matter of trial and error, using the Preview/Delete Edits if necessary. Having done that successfully, it gave me the confidence to move the hit counter higher up the page, which, incidentally, reached 1,500 this afternoon.

In the few hours since registering & displaying my Technorati colours, with its automatic ping on new postings, there's been a big jump in the number of folk who have looked at my Profile - from 25 up to 42. Who knows - this site might start attracting some Comments soon !


angela said...

I messed up Technorati quite a few times and now have a problem with half my blog roll displaying "page not found" when you try to link to them. If it were the whole list it might be easier to fix!

You should have registered for the NaBloPoMo. It's given me more publicity than I can deal with just now. It's also a good way to find other sites.
Re your comment on my blog don't you think all these Brits leaving Britain is a good indication of how badly things are going.

Colin said...

Yes, it's all very well having these extra bells and whistles. But I do wish the whizz kids who design these things would try them out on their old (or not so old) Mums and Dads first. Why do they make them so techie and user-unfriendly ? For example, I can't understand why I'm having to mess about with html code.
Thanks for the tip about NaBloPoMo. I might give it a try.

To your final question, Angela, there can be only one answer - YES !

I liked your pix on St. Paul de Vence. But your site attracts so much cheerful upbeat comment that I didn't want to put a damper on things by telling you what I think about St. Paul de Vence. Well, not so much the village itself, which is impressive in parts, but the view from the remparts. Suburban sprawl as far as the eye can see - no zoning, no protected green belt - just a cluttered residential free-for-all.