Sunday, November 05, 2006

O what a beautiful evening !

Here we are : hot from the digital camera. I took this picture just half an hour ago from our Velux, which faces roughly south-west . I have never in my life seen such a sky, with that amazing contrast between the red and turquoise. There's has been no photo-editing I assure you. Honest ! Note the date. Guy Fawkes is not celebrated in France, needless to say. Instead, Mother Nature has treated us to a kind of genteel "pyrotechnics", by way of compensation.


angela said...

Hi Colin,
lovely photo. That's a nice view you've got there.
Thanks for the comment. I'm going to do at least one post on caussols because it's so brilliant up there. Have you followed Chemin des Claps? Apparently it's the best example of Karst landscape in France and, you're right, looks more like a moonscape.
Have a nice day,
PS Have somehow lost my link to you which I'm rectifying.
Jilly Bennet(Pension Milou) might come calling. I mentioned you'd cracked the Technorati code.
If you like animals at all you'll love her blog.

Colin said...

Thanks for the tip, Angela. I've just this minute located Caussols and Les Claps on the map. So I'll know where to go, next time we're that way.

The welcome mat is ready for Pension Milou.