Friday, May 04, 2007

Create your own Costa (Lotza)

This post is one I sent to the pilot MyTelegraph this morning, which is now bedding down nicely.

I will provide a second brief progress report tomorow. It'll probably be the last, since it's reckoned a few more days of testing are all that's needed to expose the remaining bugs.

So, what's this I hear about you folks in Blighty having had the warmest April since records began, way back in 16 something or other?

Who can seriously doubt that global warming is a reality, whatever its causes ?

They now say you can look forward to a long hot summer. Time maybe to start planning that Mediterranean garden ? How about an olive tree as a centre piece ?

Better start saving now. The picture above is from a brochure that came through our door in January. It's from the local garden centre. We live in Antibes, roughly half way between Nice and Cannes.

The distinguishing feature of the Mediterranean climate is not so much its summer heat, as its winter mildness and WETNESS.

Compare that with the Alpine or Continental climates that begin a mere 20 or so miles inland(less in some places), where hard winter frosts will scythe down anything tender in the garden.

But we have had what might be called a winter drought, which had the local gardeners in despair - until, that is, about 48 hours ago.

It has rained solidly most of the night, and continues to do so as I write. We have discovered the downside of having a Velux (hinged skylight) installed in the roof.

It's great for light and ventilation, but acts like a drumskin during a storm, making sleep well-nigh impossible. Oh well, you win some, you lose some......