Monday, May 28, 2007

Did you think I'd got lost ?

Apologies for having absented myself for so long on this site, without explaining why. I shan't bore you with all the reasons, but the following, cut-and-pasted from today's My Telegraph, tells at least part of the story.

Could we have our lives back please, MyTel ?

You know how it is: you put up a post, and you wait for comments.

If you're lucky, comments trickle in. Then what do you do ? You reply, goes without saying. Well, it would be rude not to do so.

But you know what happens. Replying tends to generate more comments, which means more replies. You should by now be getting my drift .....

Then there are all those other posts that people put up - provocative, irritating, hilariously funny, incendiary, deeply thought-provoking, scathing, mickey-taking ....

OK, I'll just post a short comment, one here, and another there, just to show that I don't regard blogging on My Tel as a one-way street.

Hey, but hold on - someone's addressed me by name in the title of their comment. "Not so, Colin B," it trumpets . Well, one can hardly ignore that, can one - or they will think one rude, or that one runs a mile at the slightest hint of criticism ?

Is it any wonder that I've had no proper exercise for days, that my eyes are beginning to smart, that I'm repeatedly hitting the Refresh key, and wishing I personally had a Refresh Key as well ?

What's the solution ?

To blog between fixed hours each day, and tell folk what they are, so as not to risk giving offence?

To blog on certain days of the week only ?

Or to go for the nuclear option: to get Blog Central to shut down its servers from time to time, giving us all a break, a chance to reconnect with the real world ?

Or is this the Real World ? Had we all been leading furtive, hermit-like lives until this thing called My Tel invaded our lives.

Comments by 9pm British time please. That's to give me time to read yesterday's Sunday paper that I've barely had time to glance at so far......."

Posted by ColinB at 17:11 on 28 May 2007

If there are folk reading this who have not yet visited My Telegraph yet, then I strongly urge you to do so. It is an amazing addition to the blogosphere.

I'll post this straightaway, but return from time to time, adding some links that take you to the different features of My Telegraph . That said, the site is admirably intuitive, meaning that it's easy for pretty well anyone, including complete novices, to understand and use the different features).


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