Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Should we allow Tony to modernise Hell ?

This is my writing project for the day, and has just been posted to My Telegraph. That would be the place to post any comments (not wishing to fall foul of copyright or other legal considerations).

Do you support Tony Blair's proposed new Act of Parliament ? It's the one which just a week ago was a scribble on the back of an envelope, but which is now being forced through the Lower and Upper Houses at breakneck speed.
Just to remind you of its main points:

1. Hell is an outdated concept, at least in its present form. It needs to be replaced by something more in keeping with the 21st century.

2.Hell should become seen as a cooler place, making more efficient use of fossil fuels, eg for background heating purposes only, just sufficient to maintain a comfortable environment in remedial behaviour classes.

3. Too many folk are being consigned to Hell in secret hearings, on the basis of hearsay evidence, and without proper legal representation. Hearings should be be brought forward into one's pre mortem existence, allowing character witnesses (Peter, Alistair etc) to speak on one's behalf.

4.There needs to be a new body of human rights legislation to oversee the whole question of who is committed to Hell, and on what criteria. This could be done on an EU basis, delegated to Peter in Brussels.

5. Eternal damnation serves no useful purpose, giving the offender no opportunity or incentive to mend their ways.

6. Consignment to Hell should in many cases be replaced by a period of community service on Earth. A spell of quiet contemplation, eg pruning vines at a friend's villa in Tuscany, could substitute in certain instances.

7. Consideration should be given to a wider range of mitigating factors, like having grumpy next door neighbours, incompetent deputies , making bad decisions when jet lagged, and having one's arm twisted by men wearing check shirts and cowboy hats.


Loui (and his mum!) said...

Not been here for a few weeks and am delighted to see a new "look" for you!

Jackie x

ColinB said...

Hi Jackie and welcome back. Been doing anything special while away ?

Glad you like the new template.

CoralPoetry said...

That's the friendliest Devil I've ever seen.


ColinB said...

Which of the two would you be referring to ? The one on the right, I trust.

Had a quick peep at your site, Coral. A visual feast indeed. Will return when I've done my shift on My Telegraph.

Loui (and his mum!) said...

Actually Colin I have been organising a Charity Ball to raise lots and lots of money for Marie Curie Cancer Care!
The Ball took place last Saturday and I am now back in the land of the human again. Planning for next years Ball has started already....

J x