Thursday, May 10, 2007

New look for Dreams and Daemons

Yes, Dreams and Daemons has acquired a new look. Why the change ? Well, it's certainly not change for change's sake, that's for sure, since I'm somewhat conservative in these matters.

The problem with the old template was that it made inefficient use of the width of the screen - especially as so many folk, sensibly in my view, opt these days for widescreen laptops.

Look at the facsimile below of the old format. It shows what happened when it was stretched horizontally to use the full screen width.

The actual working space stayed the same - only the green borders increased - about as much use, one is inclined to think, as that famous chocolate teapot.

The present format, which I hope my present 40 or so daily visitors will like, gives a less cramped feel, and a greater flexibilty in positioning text relative to graphics.

Needless to say, you, the reader of this blog, can also stretch this page to make best use of your screen. When I do that long slim paragraphs become short fat ones. In other words, the line breaks are flexible. I'm not sure I knew that till a few minutes ago!

The hippo logo, a Mark 1 feature, has also been consigned to the dustbin of history, and replaced by a different beast, one who's less inclined to show off his dentition.

The present spell of navel gazing will continue briefly with my next blog post, on the matter of this blog's name, and how it seems to have gained a certain currency in the wider world.

When I pulled it from the air, back in October last year, I could find only one Google entry for "dreams and daemons", a reference to an obscure paper in the 1935 Journal of Philosophy. More about that later. I'm also thinking of ways of giving this blog more focus, by restricting posts to a narrower range of topics.


Louise said...

This is much better, Colin.
However I don't have the green border - not that it matters, I think it is much better without it.

Sarah said...

Nice and clean, Colin.