Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another picture from Azores trip

This is the one taken at the western end of the largest island, S.Miguel close to a celebrated beauty spot . At the risk of sounding like Michael Caine, not many people know about this particular vantage point. Our taxi driver knew the drill for entering a gated estate to gain access. (No, I'm not a lottery winner. Taxis are a standard mode of transport for the relatively small number of tourists, and don't cost the earth, but that may change now there's a direct airlink between Gatwick and the Azores.)
Yes, that is the sea faintly visible in the background.
Hey, I've just discovered that clicking on this, or any other photograph on my site for that matter will ENLARGE them. That is amazing !

What have I told you about not using those italics, Colin ? I'm the only who's allowed to use italics. We agreed. Remember ? How else will folk know that it's me, hippo!, your friendly daemon speaking ?

I wondered where you'd been, hippo! You - friendly ? You've got to be kidding, you tiresome, nitpicking old pain in the butt.

Listen you accident-waiting-to-happen. As I've told you many times before, I'm here to serve your best interests, whether you realise it or not. Look, let's not argue about trivialities. Life's too short for that. Tell you what: I'll switch to using a different colour from now on. That way, folk will know straightaway whether it's me or the windbag who's talking. Now just hang on a second or two.

Right then, still with me I hope? This is my new style - or as you would probably say, "livery". Cos you always go for that kind of word, don't you , to show what a scholarly bookish kind of person you are. Couldn' t leave a note for the milkman, could you, without first consulting Roget's Thesaurus ! A pseud methinks by any other name. Well listen, pseud. You can have the italics all to yourself from now on. On postings that is.......

Well, you've certainly chosen the right colour there, hippo. You know your trouble: you are so sickeningly right all the time. Don't you get bored with being right all the time, Mr. Clever Clogs ?

And who's talking now, Mr. Smart Arse ? Have you read your own stuff recently ? God, talk about precious, affected, ingratiating ......

Shut up, hippo. This is a public forum !

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