Tuesday, October 17, 2006

First post from Colin

Hello. This is just a trial run. It should appear as my first post, hopefully with a facility underneath for readers to add their own comment.


Hey, don't forget me, hippo!


Colin said...

Well done that man. But you will explain what you mean by daemon, won't you ? Some of us are very fussy about what folk call us as a collective entity. Have you checked out that term daemon with Sir Trevor Phillips, you know, that guy who keeps changing his mind about whether the multicultural society is a good or a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

So who is the hippo! of the comment?

Hello Colin. Good to see you are up and running!

Colin Berry said...

I say, you are very quick off the mark there, Sarah.

Who or what is hippo! ?

That my dear (sorry, musn't call you that, must I - risk being called condescending, at least on Colin Randall's blog), that is what used to be called the $64,000 dollar question. So forgive me if I keep you in suspense (or a state of bewildered trance) for a hour or two while I compose a considered reply. Anyway, nice hearing from you.

Moose ! said...
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Colin said...

Well, I'm still atthe bottom of the learning curve, dear friends, with setting up this blog, as should be apparent from a contradiction between my real name (Colin) and daemon name (hippo!).
Whilst having no wish to bore you with set-up problems, it impinges on something I've read elsewhere: some newcomers who try to register with Blogspot purely to submit comments have complained about having to create a full blogger identity, whether they intend to use it or not. Well, I didn' t have that trouble at the start: it let me in simply as commentator. Second time it steered me towards blogmeister status, but that was what I wanted. But third time round, when I wanted to see if I could create "hippo" purely as a second commentator, it made me create a second blog surplus to requirements. That wouldn't matter, except for the fact that one starts using up the different ways of entering one's real name - duplicates are rejected, and even slightly inaccurate misspelt versions. My theory, for what it's worth, is that Blogspot may let you in the first time as a non-blogging commentator, provided you carefully navigate the system, and avoid being taken where you don't want to go. But woe betide you if you get it wrong, because it then tells you someone else is already using your main username ! The system needs a bit of de-bugging me thinks.
Anyway, I think I've shown that the system allows one to operate under two different log-in names, needed if my "daemon day" idea for self-policing is to see the light of day. Of course, that ruse may not be necessary: there's no reason why a site dedicated to a particular theme, in this case getting the most out of life through changing direction, exploring new avenues, should become an arena for backbiting comment etc. We'll see. Time will tell.