Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Next step: include a photograph

Since the photograph I want is on the laptop, rather than being already published on the Web, one has to follow a two step procedure apparently. The first is to post it to one's own blog , which is what I'm doing now. (ed 21 Oct : The picture chosen originally was a view of Cap Ferrat and the Cote d'Azur which I took on one of our many easyJet flights out of Nice, with a build-up of storm clouds. It doesn't rain often in this part of the world, but when it rains, boy, does it RAIN ! )

Well, I'm in Edit mode now( 2 days forward) and as you can see, it worked first time. What's more, I've just discovered that any photograph on one's site can be enlarged, simply by clicking on it. Oh yes, when you see a little photo against someone's name in the comments section, then clicking on that brings up their profile.
Wouldn't it be nice if LIFE had a Delete/Edit facility ?

Hey, haven't you forgotten about something, Colin. You know. Our agreement !
This, needless to say, is from your ever present friend

OK, I know I said you could have the italics, hippo! But I needed some way of showing that I had returned to something, and edited it. It's like, you know, a courtesy to people. And it looks better, anyway, to break up blocks of text with different formats.
That's all well and good. But you've hijacked my format. We'll discuss this another time, alright.


Anonymous said...

Coastal pictures are always amazing. Sea stops, land starts; land stops, sea starts. Although it doesn't.

Colin said...

Testing new hippo icon (replaces the aerial view of French Riviera)