Sunday, October 22, 2006

Off the beaten track (Antibes)

Angela (see link) has posted some splendid pictures of her recent visit to Antibes. Living as I do in Antibes I too shall be posting, from time to time, my own pix, specialising on the parts that visitors occasionally, rarely or never reach. There as so many things of interest, widely scattered, in this ancient, atypical, wizened, glitz-free spot on the Riviera . Antibes has charm in abundance, friendliness, a sense of permanence. It's an enchanting place with its ghosts which invariably works its way into one's affections - usually on the very first visit !

Here are two pix taken today in a break between 4 days of intermittent rain showers. They are in the rustic Safranier commune (a protected heritage area in the Vieille Ville)
Rustic ? Are you sure that was a wise choice of words ? Does someone who's just shelled out half a million euros for a 2 bed property in a terrace want to hear it described as 'rustic' ?
Correction: they are in the, er, characterful Safranier commune (a protected heritage area in the Vieille Ville)

Picture deleted to free up space

Rue Haut Castelet looking towards one of the two 'iconic' Saracen Towers

Picture deleted to free up space

Approach from sea to rue Haut Castelet. The house pictured is owned by the Town Council, and used to accomodate visiting artists

Geekish PS: am feeling quite pleased with myself by finding a way round the default settings on the Blogspot editor, which has allowed the text to precede the pix. I did this by transplanting the relevant bit of html code

There you go, bragging again . Anyone who's reading this site (mainly Sarah) has probably been rearranging html for yonks. It's like telling your grandmother how to suck eggs.


Anonymous said...

Blogger takes some getting used to!

You can actually drag the photos down from the top to where you want to put them; you don't have to cut and paste the html.

sciencebod said...

Doh ! I had tried that, and only succeeded in getting the frame and small envelope symbol.

I tried again today, same problems initially, and then, hey presto, it worked.

It may be to do with server problems. It can slow down to the point when it stops accepting the text one is trying to input.

But it's nice to know that I can drag and drop on good days. Thanks for the tip!

PS I enjoyed reading that current post of yours on Big Babies, so much so ha !!!!! Doh! doin i again !!!

angela said...

Hi Colin re your comment chez moi. I'm still very much a debutante in terms of blogging so i haven't a clue about space etc. I've just registered myself with Photobucket because eventually I want to change my blog background and I'll need a url for that.
I use Blogger help a lot and also a site called Dummies Guide to Google Blogger. There are other useful sites if you google "blogger" "help".It's taken me a while to get this far but I'm enjoying it.
Your photos are gorgeous.

sciencebod said...

Thanks for the tip, Angela. You're obviously ahead of me.

I'd vaguely heard of Photobucket. I've just googled it, to read the following:

" is a free image hosting, video hosting and photo sharing service for users who want to host pictures and videos".

I'm usually wary of four-letter words that begin with a f, but there's one in there I like the look of.

Glad you liked the pix.

Anonymous said...

I use Photobucket too. Just upload the photos from your pc and they sit in there cosily out of harm's way from crashing computers, lightning and other hazards.

I also use it to show pics to family elsewhere. They have access to the album I choose, and send them the link.

The basic stuff is all free.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Colin, enable comments from anyone in your settings because Diane can't leave any comments here.

sciencebod said...

Message received, Sarah. Am now open to all - for a trial period, at any rate.