Saturday, October 21, 2006

Somewhere in the Med, but where precisely ?

Photo of framed picture of fishing village removed to free space, but it's the same as the one above.

Here's a link to the same picture:

Here's a taster for my next post (It's been held up, presumably due to my over-indulgent use of server capacity. But I'm working on it, by deleting html image tags from previous postings, which seems to be the only way to selectively delete images)

Well done, mate. You resisted the temptation to unsplit that infinitive, cos it's not as if you're writing an editorial for the Times. Not much chance here of Apoplectic of Cheltenham writing in to protest. Nice to know you listen to some of my advice.

Thank you for that hippo! Now then, take a look at the picture. It's been on my wall in Antibes for some 5 years or more. Which part of the Med would you say it is ? Click on it to enlarge. Look closely at the style of architecture. Sorry about the flash reflection. I'll be back later in the day, with a heart-warming story about one small dream recently realised.

PS : A prize is offered for the first correct answer to arrive by 9.30 am local time, namely a copy of "Life Balance The essential keys to a lifetime of well being " by Heather Mills McCartney.

That's sure to get them flocking to your site......

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