Friday, July 20, 2007

Christian Adam and his "Make us Laugh" cartoons


What you see above is Christian Adam's cartoon in today's Telegraph "Make us Laugh" series. In case you weren't aware, Christian supplies the cartoon each morning without a caption, and we have to email him a fitting caption by 4pm. The result appears an hour later.

Congratulations to Robert Smyth, who is today's winner. But at the risk of seeming thick, or woefully out of touch with Pottermania, can someone please explain the caption to me, cos I don't get it !

I hope Christian (or the Telegraph) will not be upset by my filching today's cartoon for D&D. I suspect Christian will not: he's a splendid and approachable fellow - I had some email correspondence with him a while back, asking how he sets about his daily task. Does he have a particular caption in mind when he draws the cartoon, or is it pure current affairs/draughtmanship, with no attempt to elicit a particular response ? His answer was that he does it either way, which can vary from day to day !

Link: Christian Adam's website

It is Christian himself who decides the winner. Here's a suggestion to consider : Telegraph supremos and space permitting, why not publish the 5 best captions each day, as well as the winner ?

My own caption, for what it's worth, was "I got a pirated copy off the internet. "Deathly Hellos" is total rubbish."

Get it ? What do you mean you don't get it ?

Final thought: The "Little and Large" blog in the Telegraph a few moons ago showed a splendid picture of Her Maj, Philip and Charles sharing a joke at the races which turned into an unofficial caption competition. Was it that which inspired the Telegraph to formalise it ?

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