Monday, July 16, 2007

It pays to complain

A dispute resolved

A week ago or thereabouts I had a go here at under the heading "Moan of the day".

I shan't bother repeating here in detail what it was about - it's all in the link above. Sufffice it to say that we finally had a reply from lastminute by email this morning.

They took up our complaint with Confortel Suites about their Madrid hotel being described as central and ideally situated when it is, in fact, way out in the north- eastern suburbs, 10 stops on the Metro from the centre, needing a change of train as well.

Lastminute said the hotel was unwilling to accept any liability for what it agrees is a misleading description, thanks to which we weren't able to see nearly as much as we wanted in the time available. As a goodwill gesture, has refunded £100 to our account from its own resources.

It took them a while to respond - a full month in fact - which is far too long. But they apologised for that as well, and I consider the settlement to be a fair one, don't you ? As the title says, it pays to complain, especially if one has a cyber-rooftop from which to shout, aka a blog!

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