Thursday, July 05, 2007

See no evil, hear no evil ...

We've all heard the expression "Don't blame me, I only work here".

There's a comparable cop-out being heard from the Muslim man (or woman) in the street, responding defensively to the attempts by those mad-medics to set up communal barbecues in Glasgow and London.

Seeing it in print under "Comment is free" in the Guardian prompted me to send the following schoolmasterly analogy:

"I once taught a short course on microbiology. The technician made up plates of sterile nutrient agar, the students dabbed or streaked the surface of the gel with swabs from their skin or work surfaces, and then placed lids on the petri dishes. I as the teacher was then legally obliged to see that the lids were sealed with strong tape before going into the incubator. Why ? Because that nutrient-laden jelly was God's gift to germs, including dangerous pathogens, that are everywhere in our environment, and would multiply rapidly on the gel, creating a serious biohazard.

If a pupil had became infected, it would have been no defence to say that my gels were sterile to start with, or there was no deliberate intention to allow them to harbour pathogens.

By the same token, peaceful mainstream Muslims must realize that their religion can be easily subverted or hijacked by those who simply wish to control, intimidate or murder their fellow citizens. Given the freedom of imams to preach different interpretations of the Koran and hadiths, and the absence of a supreme spiritual head, akin to the Pope, to rule on contentious doctrinal issues, then it is incumbent on all Muslims, I believe, to accept collective responsibility for what is said or done in their places of worship in the name of Islam.

If the IRA had claimed to be acting in the name of Christianity - as distinct from a united Ireland - I feel confident there would have been a groundswell of protest from across a broad section of Christianity, including the Roman Catholic Church. "

PS Does anyone recall a general invite put out on My Tel to attend an open barbecue ? Did anyone respond, or attend ? If you did, then do please allay my suspicions ... Apologies to the "Texan" (?) if it was genuine.

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