Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Taking a break

Yes, we're taking a short break, me and the missus. Tomorrow we head off east from Antibes, and some 5 hours and 235 miles later, barring mishaps, we expect to be checking into a hotel a few miles from the place you see in the picture (assuming it's still standing by the time we get there). Thanks, BTW, Google Earth, for the picture.

It's intended as a reccy, rather than a once-in-lifetime visit. I'll be saying more about the reasons for our trek next week.
Be advised: you probably will not read about it here. It will be a couple of pix and few hundred words at Another Place (says he mysteriously).


Gigi said...

Oh come on Colin - give it to us straight...you've always had a penchant for travel, eh?:-)

Yes, I know. Those were excruciatingly bad puns and I'm very sorry.

I went there a very long time ago, when I was all of 19. Happy carefree days...

ColinB said...

I'm in a hotel near Pisa, Gigi, as I'm sure you guessed.
Went to see it yesterday, and did a swing through Tuscany today, calling at San Gimignano, recknoed to be where first "skyscrapers" were built.

Have just spent two hours or more trying to get online for the first time, sans fil, away from home; and have finally succeeded. No thanks to Microsoft, no thanks to my ISP. As a last desperate measure, I tried using Mozilla Firefox, which I had installed when having trouble with Internet Explorer a while back, and hey presto, up came the hotel's homepage, and here I am online. Am one very happy bunny right now.