Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Digg auto-created blog post

Blog watch/Digg

ed: You will find below a link to the Digg article referred to in the previous post. It appears here automatically through my having experimented with the Digg's "blog it" command.

Having previously registered Dreams and Daemons with Digg ( a major news aggregation site), hitting that key is all that is necessary for it to appear as a ready-made blog post !

But I've cheated, or rather meddled. It appeared initially under the title of the original post (Is Humanity Doomed Unless We Colonize Mars Within 46 Years?) but I wasted no time in replacing it with the one above. Folk might otherwise have thought it was my title, or that I had adopted American spelling !

Here's is the body of the auto-created post, which only makes sense if read under its original title:

"Dr. J. Richard Gott believes it is. He has issued a wake-up call: To ensure our long-term survival, we need to get a colony up and running on Mars within 46 years. "

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