Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jaume Plensa does Antibes proud with his alphabetical Nomade

Art and culture

Yesterday evening Jane and I attended the "unveiling" (more correctly, vernissage) of Nomade by Jaume Plensa, that accomplished Spanish master of plastic arts.

Incidentally, that word plastic should be taken in its French meaning for 3-dimensional art (sculpture etc) irrespective of materials.

Nomade is breathtaking in its form, simplicity and perhaps symbolism, given its beguiling lattice work consisting of nothing but letters of the alphabet.

How did he manage , I keep asking myself, to create that continuous smooth, curving surface, with an intriguing broken edge at the jawline.

What, if anything, did he use as formwork ? I'll add still photographs later during the day that will knock your socks off ! Second thoughts: here's a taster, viewed from inside, looking back towards the Old Town.

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