Friday, July 13, 2007

The Queen, the BBC and that Orwellian doctored film footage

Yesterday's hot topic

Here's one I made earlier, and submitted to the thread of readers' comments beneath a leader in today's Telegraph.

"It was not just the transposing of scenes to create a false impression that was appalling and unforgiveable. It was the early, and as it turned out, false reports too, carried in this paper and elsewhere, that Her Majesty was seen and heard to interrupt Annie Leibovitz before she had completed her sentence, and then supposedly shot back with "Less dressy?" making her sound as if she were on a different planet.

Maybe that was what the clip intended to do, especially as we now know that it was intended for private circulation only (according to the BBC)- a schoolboy attempt to lampoon monarchy and make it look ridiculous and out-of-touch.

In fact if one listens to the clip one hears Leibovitz complete her sentence with the word "dressy" before Her Majesty makes clear she is unhappy with the request to remove her tiara.

Despite the BBC's excuses and attempts at damage limitation, I am appalled that such liberties could be taken with footage from a Palace media-shoot involving our much respected and cherished Head of State.

The BBC's explanations do not, I'm afraid, convince me. There is something rotten and nauseating in the heart of that organization. It seems to consider itself the real voice of the United Kingdom, holding the only opinions that matter, expecting the entire world to genuflect to its presence.The sooner it is cut down to size the better. That should not be too difficult, seeing how we - taxpayers and Her Majesty's subjects- pay its fat salaries."

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